Open source simple accounting software
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To import your data from older versions please do following steps :

1- Make a backup file using older version of software
2- Uninstall older version
3- Install new version (If not already)
4- Restore the backup file you created in step 1 in new version of software

Free Open Source Simple Accounting Software

A very simple accounting program. It is designed to only keep your incomes and expenses. By eliminating features which are not needed by a home user, No Simpler Accounting has managed to deliver a very simple accounting experience.

It is free, open source and licensed under Apache License (version 2.0).

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Note: Please use the latest version(8.1) since version 8.1 fixes a bug in total report which included incomes not in the date range specified and version 4.0 fixed a major bug about expense categories. When importing data from older versions to version 4.0 or higher, all expenses will be moved to General category. To learn how to import your data from older versions to new version click here

Screenshot :

Main features of this accounting software :

Adding incomes:

In No Simpler Accounting incomes are organized in categories.
To add a new income, you just need to do the following :

Adding expenses:

Adding expenses is similar to incomes.
To add a new expense, you just need to do the following :

Reports :

There are various reports in No Simpler Accounting. Before every report, "Report Details" form appears which let you select the time period and payment type.

Printing your accounting reports :

To print your reports simply click on "Print in web browser" button. your report will be shown in your web browser from which you can easily print your report.

Exporting your accounting reports to Microsoft Excel :

To export your reports to Microsoft Excel easily click on "Export to Excel" button on the report page and your report will be exported to CSV format which can be opened by Microsoft Excel.

Operating system :

Microsoft windows XP , windows Vista, windows 7, Windows 8 (not RT), Windows 10

Special requirements :

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0